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Dear member of Qjure

In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find more articles and cases of Piperales.
There is a case of Peperomia hoffmannii, that confirms the Stage 13.
And there are 3 case of Raduloideae, the Subphase 5. Piper aduncum and Piper friedrichsthalii are from the real Raduloideae of the neotropics. Piper nigrum is from Asia. In DNA analyses this remedy is not closely related to Raduloideae. In effect though it is close. This in contrary to the region where they grow. So regional DNA can show the phylogenetic relations. But different genetic paths can lead to the same essence. Many roads lead to Rome.

We wish you much reading pleasure and inspiration.
Jan Scholten, 22-8-2019

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