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Dear member of Qjure

In this issue of the Journal Qjure you will find some
cases of Aizoaceae. Aizoaceae was a family unknown in homeopathy 10 years ago. That made the classification difficult. Botanically Aizoaceae is in a subgroup in the Caryophyllidae. In the first version of the Plant theory this group was named Aizoales and placed in Phase 2. The Aizoaceae were placed in Subphase 2, giving the remedy code 3-663.22.00.
But this did not result in good prescriptions. I did revision of the Aizoaceae of few years ago and came to the hypothesis that Aizoaceae might be fully Phase 2 and that the other families of Aizoales had to be transferred to the mostly empty Phase 3. The Aizoaceae were then split in 7 Subfamilies and each place din in Subphase. This has turned out to be very fruitful, leading to many good prescriptions. It is now a very useful family, as you will see in the cases presented.

The theme of the Aizoaceae is that they are very adapting in relationships, with family and with friends. And they do it even knowing better often, as they are very sensitive, refined and developed. It is as if they don’t have the power to stand up for themselves, or as if they feel not good enough to do so. It is a very special combination of the Lanthanide quality with that of Phase 2.

We wish you much reading pleasure and inspiration.
Jan Scholten, 1-7-2020

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