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Dear member of Qjure

It took a long time. But at last here is the new version of Qjure. It has several new features that will be a benefit for you as a member.

The first is that the blog has become a Journal. It is integrated into the database and can be searched through. The database grows with the growth of the Journal. The Journal Qjure will have irregular issues, depending on how much is available or brought in by you as members and contributors. And if will often be short, just one or two cases or theoretical articles. That is more easy to digest than a journal with 20 articles. I have the vision of a somewhat weekly issue with a few articles that happen to be presented. Just to have a little bit to read and digest.

The second change is that the membership has become accurate. As you might have noticed the renewal of the membership each year was not functioning completely well, which it will do now.

The third is that the search function has been ameliorated. It is more easy to use. And we have the possibility build in to adapt the search strategy to get better results. We can add more features in the future more easily.

This issue is about the Piperales. They are remedies for unloved and unappreciated children, for neglected and abused children. The development of Piperales has been given a big boost by the Coasta Rica provings seminar. Piper auritum and Piper friedrichsthalii were proved. The proving pictures gave much insight into the theme of the neglected child. They showed the things in common between them, but also the peculiar differences, giving hints for the further classification.

It is also a pleasure to present the new version of the Qjure website. Now a journal is made possible. Editions of the Journal be be published on an irregular basis, in the sense of when articles are ready. At the other hand on a regular basis, in the sense of frequently.

I wish you much reading pleasure

We wish you much reading pleasure and inspiration.

Journal Editions