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Editorial 2022.02 Laliales

This edition is about Liliales. Liliales is a long recognised order. The Apg classifications split the order into Liliales and Asparagales. This was copied into the Plant theory 1.
Gradually it became clear that this split was not fitting the homeopathic information. In plant theory 2 the two orders are fused again in Liliales.
The Liliales are placed in Phase 6, the Phase of giving and taking. The resulting feeling is that one has to give more than one gets in return, emotionally of physically. It gives the feeling of injustice, unfairness, leading to bitterness and retirement.

The filed where it happens is that of relationships, siblings, spouse and friends. SO this leads to many relationship problems where one feels neglected, not respected, not loved and so on.

We wish you much reading pleasure,
Jan Scholten