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A Helianthaceae remedy
Remedy code: 3-666.44.17
Case by Tomas Vyboch

Woman, 4 years, flushes of heat.
She has flushes of heat due to menopause. They come often during sleep. She has poor sleep because of them. It lasts for 5 years.
She works as a freelancer. She does not want to have a boss. She is a beekeeper. In the past, she had a problem with her daughter who had anorexia. She understood that classical medicine cannot really help her and started to study homeopathy. She understood she got time for reflection to change her attitude toward life. She says that she already has everything that she needed in her life. Now she wants to help people and does not want to chase money. She is very responsible, taking care of her family. She says she is a stable, slower person; she lives in the present moment. She likes yoga and homeopathy. She feels it helps her body and soul to develop.
She does not really have any problems in her life. Everything is fine. Sometimes she has disputes with her husband. When it happens, she tries to leave the situation, for example, she leaves the room. This is her usual reaction. When they had some dispute in a car, she wanted to leave the car immediately. However, their relationship is good.
As a child, she was an outsider. She did not like company. Did not find a close friend. She had good contact with both of her parents. When she was sick, she had a high fever.

Lanthanides, 660: Asteranae, she is a homeopath, has a reflective personality and wants to help people.
Lanthanides, 666: Campanulidae, she actually does, what she wants, she is a freelancer, beekeeper, and homeopath.
Phase 4, 666.4: Asterales, she is a stable, responsible person, who cares for her family, she had good contact with her parents; as a child had high fevers.
Phase 4, 666.44: Helianthaceae, she does not really have a problem, everything is fine.
Stage 17, 666.44.17: In problematic situations, her reaction is to leave, as a child she was an outsider.
Prescription: a Helianthaceae remedy.

Follow up
After the remedy, her flushes of heat improved about 90 percent within 2 months. Previous prescriptions had no effect.