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A Chenopodioideae remedy
Remedy code: 3-663.53.13
Case by Tomas Vyboch

Woman, 74 years, Meniere’s disease.
She feels dizzy and has vertigo very often. It started 10 years ago. She uses some medication, but it does not help. When she has vertigo, she cannot move, she can just lie in bed. She does not want to bother anyone to help her.
She works as a pediatrician. She is very interested in homeopathy. She is not really satisfied with her nurse. She has a feeling that her nurse does not respect the freedom of her patients enough. She does not want to have a conflict with the patients. Her nurse makes things that are not in her competence. However, it is hard for her to tell her opinion directly to the nurse because she does not want to hurt her. In some way, she feels support from her. But she is not very much bothered by it, because she is halfway to retiring.
Her husband was a physician too. She let him make his career and she took care of the children. She tried to please everyone in the family. Later when they grew up she started to study acupuncture and homeopathy. She prefers homeopathy because it does not have side effects. But she did not feel strong enough to work only with homeopathy. She wanted to be a pediatrician because she likes children.
She likes to travel. She is sorry she does not have friends to travel with. She likes the company of people.

Lanthanides, 660: Asteranae – She likes homeopathy, alternative medicine
Silicium series, 663: Caryophyllidae: She is a pediatrician, who takes care of children and family
Phase 5, 663.5: Amaranthales: She likes to travel and likes company.
Phase 3, 663.53: Chenopodioideae: Meniere´s disease is typical for this group. She avoids confrontation with the nurse, she steps aside to let her husband make his career, wanted to please her children
Stage 13,663.53.13: Halfway to retirement
Prescription: a Chenopodioideae remedy.

Follow up
After the remedy, her complaints are gone within two months. After the Chenopodioideae remedy the improvement was about 60 percent. After half a year, she has no more vertigo.