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A case of Drosanthemoideae
Case woman, 50, pharyngitis.
Mucus in throat, larynx and nose, chronic.
She is very adaptive in her family, she is not recongized and seen. difficult relationships, especially to men.
The female side of her family are supporting their husband. Her mother and grandmother were simple people, and married a academic husband. They were very much developed on the emotional side, the warm side.
he herself has that adapting aspect too. She feels easily out of herself, her base from the least quarrels, discord, arguments, criticism. She is very soft, fine, sensitive refined and she is insecure. She is doubtful, hesitating. She sees a remedy of Winteraceae as a remedy for herself
She is doing homeopathy for animals.
Her Quality of life is 50.

Lanthanides: homeopathy.
Silicon series: problems with men.
Phase 2: adapting; out of herself; < criticism.
Stage 5: doubtful, hesitating; thinking not knowing enough.

Follow up
After the remedy of Drosanthemoideae she feels much better. Her Quality of life went from 50 to

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