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As therapists, we homeopaths are blessed with practicing a science, that is more exact than any other. This therapy is able to clear the mind. What is better than that?

Clouding the mind causes disorder, disease, disability, and defect, while clearing the mind heals. But minds are much more obscured than one commonly realises. We are so ‘dark’ that we cannot even imagine what real health is and can do. Formerly, sick people were regarded as being afflicted by a god or being sinners. These ideas are not accepted today. These days one tends to regard illness as the result of a disorder in the body’s systems, for instance the immune system, the gut flora, the thyroid, etc, but in fact such disorders are simply symptoms. Disease originates in the mind.

Beyond evident disease, the darkened mind is very ill. True health is bright and clear, scient and potent.
2500 years ago, Buddha saw the law of act and effect, that it is like sound and echo, active and passive, giving and receiving. In his own countless former lives, and by observing the lives of other sentient beings, he saw the dependency of things from causes. Good deeds are followed by positive results, while bad deeds produce negative consequences, even if we cannot see the results immediately. Things happen rationally; karma is the logic of nature.

The essence is plain, but it implies many factors, like everything in this world. Buddha explains them extensively: the motive, nature, object, modality, frequency, etc of action, and the analogical result on the actor. Actors can either darken themselves, or lighten themselves; it’s oneself, not anyone or anything else, that makes one either sick or sane. Whether we harm others or care for them determines our fate and spins the web of our destiny. It requires quite some detachment, however, to recognize this complex entanglement.
Those who do not yet recognize this logic, or who arrogantly reject it, will suffer until they learn these lessons. In order to heal man’s suffering and ignorance, Buddha taught the truth by many means.

These facts are crucial to our work as healers. Good remedies help one to become aware and free; outer and inner disease fade. Sensible attention perceives the slightest flaws arising, and bad karma is cleansed. This implies neither wrong nor right, blame nor shame, remorse nor regret. There is no separation, no exception, no bounds or limits; nothing but emptiness and pure awareness, sheer love, sensation and spirit, mantra and mandala. At every moment, heaven may be revealed; at any moment, the pure skies of the mighty Buddha spirit may shine bright.

Respect health.

Redactor, Deborah Collins

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