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Disease and Krankheit

Being therapists, we are blessed with practising a science, that is more exact than any other. This science is able to clear the mind. What’s superior?
Clouding the mind causes disorder, disease, disability, defect, clearing heals. But minds are much more obscured than common view has. We are so dark, that we can’t even imagine, what real health is and can. Formerly, sick people were called being afflicted, or peccant. These designations suppose s.o. external flinging sickness, or that misdeeds are causal. Both ideas are hardly liked by modern people. They accuse disorder of another body region, the immune system, the gut flora, the thyroid, etcetera , but such disorders are symptoms themselves, disease originates from mind. Beyond patent disease, darkened mind is vastly ill. True soundness is bright and clear, scient and potent.

2500 years back, Buddha saw the law of act and effect, sound/echo, active/passive, giving/getting. In his own countless former lives, and in the lives of the other sentient beings, he saw the connection of deed with result. On positive deeds, good consequences follow, on negative, bad ones. Things happen rationally, karma is logic of nature.
The essence is plain, but implies many factors, as everything else in this world does. Buddha explicates them extensively, motive, nature, object, modality, frequency, etcetera of action, and the analogic result on the actor. Actors darken themselves, or lighten, it’s them, and no one nor anything else, that make sick or sane. Harming or caring for beings, humans or non humans, spin the file of destiny, graph fate . But only light beings see the complex entanglement. Ignorants neglect and reject logos, arrogants rather suffer than taking in and following. For this habitual attitude Buddha, at first, scrupled to teach nomos.

These facts import to our work. Good remedies make see and free, outer and inner disease fade. Sensible attention perceives slightest flaws arising, bad karma purges. Proceeding holds no wrong nor right, no blame nor shame, no remorse nor regress, no separateness, no exception, no bond, no limit, but void, nude awareness, and sheer love, feel and wit, mantra and mandala. Each moment heaven may reveal and show, each moment space, Buddha skies, pure mighty spirit may happen.

Respect health.

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