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Man, 40, panic attacks
He is very nervous, especially in contact with other people. Then he has panic attacks and can become aggressive. He can also be aggressive to his wife and once almost strangled her. It started after he had been in the army. For 10 years he was in peace operations in Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia. He was shocked by seeing children walking around without parents, without clothes, homeless. He felt guilty and helpless seeing dead people. He has lost friends in those wars. A very terrible experience was the mass grave excavations in Srebenica. He vividly remembers seeing babies half eaten by dogs and children being shot in the back of their head with their hands tied on the back. After he came out of the army he was overprotective for his family and at the same time quite aggressive. He often has nightmares about the war, especially when he has been thinking about deceased friend soldiers. He dreams about aliens attacking the earth. The most recurrent nightmare is that is trying to save another soldier, but is unable to do it and has no success.
He is very tense, cannot relax, more so when he is closed in and with other people around. He is more tense when he is talking about himself or the war. He is hypervigilant, feels tight, wound up. He can only relax by hiking and swimming. He is suspicious and cannot trust people anymore. He likes and tries to help and believes in cooperation. But also he has anger explosions, although he avoids fights. In his work he is making lists all the time about what he has to do. He has a kind of harshness in his speech and behaviour, like in a soldier. He is a no nonsense person, not using many words.
When he was 1, his father died from pneumonia. The family felt as not complete. There were always money problems. His mother worked hard at 3 different jobs and was always tired. She was not very affectionate, but took good care of him and his siblings. He loved her, but he didn’t feel close. He was bullied at school. As a child he was skinny and small. For a year he was not fighting back, out of fear he would be a bully himself. But after fighting back 2 times they stopped bullying him. He did not like school, was not interested in it. He liked more the countryside, being outside. At 17 he went into the army because he was kicked out of the school and wanted to work for peace in war conflicts. After 20 years in the army he became a school teacher, teaching history. He likes the interaction, the fun and working for collaboration in groups. He also wants his classes to show respect and does not want bullying at school. He wants to help other children after having seen the poverty, the destruction, the destroyed live. He tries to help and believes in cooperation. He is confident in his job as a teacher, but not in his security. He hates foolish people, especially drunken and obnoxious ones.
He has a good marriage and is very close to his only daughter.
Hobbies: hiking, reading history and fantasy, play games, having fun, socialising, cooking. He has pain in his right leg. He has headache, with pain in his right eye, once a month. He had a pneumonia 2 years before, with spitting up blood.
Weather: likes winter, cold, but also summer and heat; dislikes extreme heat, above 35C. Desire: tomatoes !; raw vegetable; beef, meat !.
Aversion: stinking cheese; liver, pork; beets; alcohol!.
Sleep: good with sleeping pills; waking from nightmares, once a week.
Plants: he likes plants and gardening very much; he like to be in nature and loves big trees. Animals: he hates mice, bats and ants; he likes bears, coolers, wolves, coyotes, skunks, eagles
Quality of life: 60.

The theme of war is the strongest in the Solanales: 3-665.70.00.
Silvers series: clash of cultures, countries, religions.
Phase 7: destruction, violence, death.
Lanthanides: less obvious, probably becoming more self-conscious.
Differentiation with Subphase and Stage.
How did he get into the army? He wants to become a peace-bringer, not an idea how that was, it was a good choice for him, convincing choice, for him it was a good job, it is just the feeling he had: Phase 4.
He wants to help people to bring them in cooperation, working together: Stage 7.
Solanaceae: like tomatoes; fear dogs.
Phase 7: father lost; aggressive, strangling; destruction, half eaten babies; panic, suspicious; guilty.
Phase 4: stable man and stable for his family; overprotective; good marriage; very close to his daughter; loves mother.
Stage 7: help, collaboration, group work, teacher; unable to save another soldier; helpless. 3-665.74.07, A Datura remedy: The peace soldier.

Follow up after 6 weeks
He is more relaxed and calmer, less tense and suspicious. He feels better. He has more energy, to hike, read books, play games, having fun, socialising. His wife says he is more relaxed and happier. He is less suspicious not so hyper vigilant anymore. He does not think about people coming in the house and being attacked. He thinks more about the future than the past.
His work is better and more easy and focused. He is more easy with the children at school. He is organised in work, not making lists anymore.
His sleep is better and he no nightmares, also not when visiting Dachau. Gone are the headaches, the pain in eyes and the pains in his feet. He only once had a headache, after travelling 24 hours. The pain in his leg is better, 50%.
His quality of life rose from 60 to 90.
Follow up after 5 months.
He has lost 17.5 kilo of weight.
He had once a repetition after he got nightmares again and got a bit aggressive. It worked very well.
He is in general feeling relaxed without nightmares.