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A Cotinus remedy
Case by Ulrich Welte.
A conceited judo fighter has a stiff spine. His spine is blocked as lashed with strap, he cannot relax. He thinks he is something special, takes up too much. He is indifferent to the interests of others and looks for his advantages secretly.
Typical situation: the father of his friend commits suicide. When I was called in as a doctor, he is also on site. All are under the shock of the sight of the corpse, weeping and wailing of the family; at the end he takes the doctor aside and wants to get a prescription for a massage in order to spare himself the office visit.
In consultations he always gives the same impression: one comes to meet him in every way, but feels excluded and abused afterwards.
A Cotinus remedy M was given because of the tight feeling of a tensioning strap and lack of relaxation. This is an indication for Anacar­diaceae. His color preference is 18C, which fits the Cotinus remedy. His handwriting is similar to a the Cotinus remedy case of HV Müller.
DD Stage 15 theme: deceptive, abused trust is robbed.
Follow up
In the night after the remedy his pain was worse, then rapid and constant improvement. In the following days he can better relax, and when pain returns he can control it. Soon after he is free from pain. For 1 year the tension and blockage and pain did not return.
Another good remedy was a Gadolinium remedy.