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Coronavirus 19

We recently heard from our colleagues in China about the corona virus infection and they graciously shared with us first hand observations and suggestions for a possible genus epidemicus and remedy administration protocol. The disease is now named Covid-19 by the WHO. Aaron To, president of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy and Macau Association of Homeopathy, passed the information to Haruna Hito in Japan, who passed it to us.

Symptoms of the Corona virus infection
- Slow manifestation
- Chilliness running up and down of the back; we have not seen this symptom that commonly reported for the past 1x years.
- Fever, commonly not very high.
- Predominantly fatigue during fever.
- Weakness during fever, including heavy eyelids.
- Pain at limbs during fever.
- Cough is interestingly not that commonly strong in fact, mostly fatigue as the main presenting complaint.
- Anticipation

In China there is quite a strangely early spring, especially in the southern China, green leaves come out much earlier than usual. And very interestingly we find the very good mental picture of 'anticipation' around this epidemic!

Their team has been working hard for the genius epidemicus. According to the feedback from around 30 homeopaths in the past 14 to 21 days, the predominant remedy for the current epidemic, which includes 2019 nCoV and influenza, is Gelsemium, followed by Bryonia and Eupatorium perfroliatum.Comparing the symptom pictures with the PCR confirmed cases, Gels is more compatible to the 2019 nCoV cases.

They just announced today to our colleagues in China, Honkong, Macau and Taiwan to start using
- Gelsemium C30 weekly in areas which outbreak is not near.
- And use Gelsemium C30 daily for seven days in area where outbreak is near (like Wuhan and some other crowded cities in Wuhan), and then twice a week.

Bryonia: for patients with more cough with pain in chest or head, need holding it
Eupatorium perfroliatum: when patient have more bone pain and less heaviness.

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