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A remedy form Apiaceae
Case by Michaela Zorzi
52-year-old, properly dressed, friendly woman, hardened femininity.

Eleven years ago, at the age of 41, the patient had no menstruation and used typical vegetative symptoms such as hot flushes and sweats and a depressive mood for menopause. The treating gynecologist prescribed after a hormonal clarification, the clear signs of (premature) menopause showed, a combined estrogen, progestin, which made all the symptoms lasting disappearance and was well tolerated.

Spontaneous report
In October 2003, the patient comes to my practice on the recommendation of a friend. She had stopped hormone replacement in consultation with her gynecologist in August 2003, as a family history of breast cancer had disturbed the patient and she also had adenomas on both breasts at the age of 20 years.
Just a few weeks after discontinuation of the therapy, the same symptoms arose again as 11 years ago: during the day (about 4-5 times) and increased sweating at night with subsequent chills and thus very impaired sleep. In addition, a frequent Schwellungsgefühl in the area of ​​the finger joints added, temporary feeling of constriction in the neck area, increasingly also a sad moodiness. Although the patient, a senior bank clerk, did not know homeopathy, she wanted to try this cure on the advice of a friend.

Family history
Patient: TE as a child, strong sweat even as a child ("always had sweat stains under his armpits"); at 14 years traumatic fracture in the area of ​​the thoracic spine, subsequent scoliosis and kyphosis, close to the discus prolapse, plaster bed for two years, from the 17.Lj. severe dysmenorrhoea (fragile endometriosis?), with 20 years surgical removal of adenomas of both mamma, with 24 falls from the horse with renewed flare up of spinal trauma, with 33 years operation of right ovarian cyst, with 35 years questionable positive pregnancy test and subsequent Curettage due to bleeding.
Aunt: mammary carcinoma
Sister: multiple sclerosis

The undoubtedly most formative stroke of fate is the fall in gymnastics lessons on the thoracic spine at 14 years, a shock condition with acute severe respiratory problems is the patient in memory. The subsequent spinal cord growth problems required a nightly bed of gypsum, which the patient had to lie in overnight for over two years.
As a shock, the patient also refers to the early onset of menopause, they are still far from being ready for it internally.

Articulated report
Spirit, mind: enjoys beautiful surroundings, her home and her garden, good food in the company of friends, likes to travel; very happy with her job as a manager in middle management of a bank, even though the stress has recently increased due to staff cuts; Fears: tendency to "fall into it": "hopefully I have nothing..", fear of snakes.
Affiliate relationship is very good, feels cared for, in response to the sexuality, the patient begins to cry: this was initially important, but for seven years, unfortunately, no topic for her, thus she would have a guilty conscience to her husband, but not complains.
In childhood, the patient suffered from her "very dominant" parents, who set high expectations for her, which she tried for a long time to fulfil. The chosen husband did not suit them and they came to the wedding "just in case". Four years ago there was a break with the parents due to family disputes, since then no contact, only to the younger sister. Her father also broke off contact with his parents, which has "a long tradition in the family."

Bones, joints:
Since the 14.Lj. However, prolonged standing and more strain pain in the spine, but moderately sports

Food craving -, dislikes: Milk is not tolerated since childhood, otherwise balanced
General, modalities: lends cold hands and feet, sensitive to drafts, strong sweat since childhood

General, hot flashes, with sweat, at night
Chest, sweat, armpits
Breast, knot, mamma
Female genitalia, tumors, cysts, ovaries
Female genitalia, suppressed sexual desire, in menopause
Back, concussion, spinal commotion
Outer neck, choking, constricted
General, food, milk agg.
Mind, dislike of, family members
Mind, complaints, by misfortune

Case analysis
The repertorization yields a remedy form Apiaceae, and the subsequent reading in Boericke's Drug Doctrine contains the following sentence: "Evil consequences of bruises or impact on the spine." Should there be any association between the previous injury and the onset of premature menopause?

A remedy form Apiaceae MK (Korsakoff) 2x5 glob every 24 hours

Follow-up after 6 weeks
The sweats only occur once during the day, but at night they are still more frequent, but the sleep has become much better - about four weeks after taking it, there would even have been a night in which they could sleep through. The neck is no longer constricted, the patient is more thirsty, which she welcomes. In addition, the patient has begun to dream, but she can not remember the content. In the last few days the patient has noticed a stagnation in the effect of the remedy, which for the first time ever had any contact with homeopathy! She is quite surprised herself.

A remedy form Apiaceae MK (Korsakoff) 2 x 5glob at intervals of 24 hours

Follow up after 12 weeks
One week after ingestion, severe back pain (thoracic spine, lumbar spine) occurred for five days, reminding the patient of earlier times.
Since then no more complaints and a significantly increased desire to move, e.g. to go for a walk.
The sweat has disappeared during the day, at night still slightly in the neck, sleep has become even better, dreams come alive

"I feel great, even sexually I am more open-minded

The lesson of this medical history is the connection of two completely different illnesses in a homeopathic remedy. Only through the study of A remedy form Apiaceae is the initially not obvious connection between spinal trauma and the subsequent change in hormonal development (dysmenorrhoea, adenomas, frag. Endometriosis, no pregnancy, premature menopause) at least a serious discussion. The remedy brings not only the hot flashes, the sexuality back into balance, but after a short return of the old spinal complaints shows a significantly increased need for exercise, which is also painless. Should the post-traumatic shock, the rigid lying in the plaster bed in the sensitive phase of puberty have led to a hardening and hardening of the entire organism? The positive reaction to A remedy form Apiaceae clearly speaks for it.
The hardening on another level is reflected in the family members' dealings with each other, there are always "breaks" in relationships. What was first there with the patient, the inner experience of family hardship and then the fall or vice versa is not important. An attempt of questioning in conversation with the patient brought no further deepening.