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A Rutaceae remedy
Remedy code: 3-655.44.09
Case by Tomas Vyboch

Woman, in her 30ies, panic disorder
She has panic attacks and anxieties. She has palpitations when she rests after work. During panic attacks, she feels she is going to die and no one will help her. She has them usually once a month. She often feels depressed. She does not feel the meaning of life, does not feel any joy. She feels cold and hard on her boyfriend.
In recent years she went through difficult situations in life. She was very focused on her work. She worked 17-18 hours a day. She became a manager in a big company where she works on planning new products. She says she worked as a robot. Sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night and had to go to work because she did not finish something. It was normal for her.
During her childhood her mother was strict. She says her mother was a general who wanted to have control over everything. But she is a role model for her. After finishing her study, she went abroad and wanted to have a good carrier. She is proud of herself that she is so successful. The most difficult time was when her manager promised her that she will replace her. She delegated a lot of responsibility to her, but in the end, she did not get the position. She does not like to show any weakness.
She likes art, she plays piano and likes to listen to classical music. Her favourite color is 1C.

Silver series, 650: Malvanae, very ambitious, her aim is to be a successful manager.
Silver series, 655: Malvidae, achieved her ambition, and she is successful.
Phase 4, 655.44: Aurantioideae, she is sure, and proud of herself, she says she worked as a robot, suppressed her emotions, does not like to show any weakness; her mother is her role model.
Stage 9, 655.44.09: A Rutaceae remedy, she fell sick just before receiving her goal, to be an even higher manager, and woke up in the middle of the night to complete her work.
Prescription: A Rutaceae remedy.

Follow up
Every time she took the remedy, she felt aggravation for a few days. After that, she felt relaxed on a mental and physical level too. After 3 months her anxieties and panic attacks are gone. She feels very good. She realised how cold she was towards her partner. She is much warmer towards him. She says she does not want to work as much as before. She is trying to find a work-life balance. She says that the remedy gave her a new perspective. She is not as negative as before. She feels much less tension in her life, she says she is lighter and feels more freedom than before. After one year she is still okay.