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A remedy of Winteraceae
This new remedy represented a big step forward in a stagnant homeopathic treatment.

Woman, 54 years old when I met her the first time.
She came to me again, after a year break, in 2013.

Main problems at this moment:
She feels alone in life, she is disappointed in her studies, as she had been advised to stop them.
Socially she feels isolated excluded. She is ashamed: not succeeding in contacts, in finding work; as if she is turning in circles.
But she keeps on trying to start new things; she has thoughts fantasies about how she could function in society. She hesitates in talking, she is somewhat shy to tell about her thoughts
She has still the feeling she does not now her place; where do I belong?
She has a lot of migraine ‘it feels like my mother hitting against my head’ and itch and other skin troubles.

She is the third child in a bad marriage; 1 older brother, and 2 sisters: she was born in between them.
She experienced abuse and harassment by family members.
I felt it is wrong, not meant to be like this, but everyone denied that; I felt denied myself.’
There was a history of incest and immorality domestic violence and abuse.
The worst was that her mother did not protect her at all; she was told to see al the immoral behaviour as normal. This confused her very much.
Nor was there any other adult person to be safe with.
Yet she felt herself as ‘pure’ unspoiled, not jealous.
Her parents divorced much later.

There is was some contact with her mother now until a couple of years ago: ”She needs me to help her with DIY jobs house and yard, but she means nothing to me”. She has hardly any contact with her sisters as well. She broke with father and brother.
The whole family denies what they all went through as a child.
She is the only one that wants to name it.
There are serious mental health problems on both sides of the family.

She needs freedom to think what she likes.
She is happy in nature; loves walking in the woods or along the sea.
She has known from a very early age, that ‘life is difficult; no one will take care of me.’
She has had a job in the care for people with learning disabilities.
She is insecure, but at the same time she is a hard worker and can be very headstrong. She is assertively trying; she is a fighter; she takes initiatives.
She feels very responsible for her tasks and wants to be autonomous.
At the moment she lives alone. She retires from relations; quitte often disappointed by most peppel.
As young child she had eczema.
Many severe infections from her early youth until now:
Pseudocroup, Tonsillectomy after a severe throat phlegmonia, many times Bronchitis
Some years ago she had a large peri-anal absces.
Sleep: falling asleep takes more hours, she sleeps, but stays alert at the same time
Dreams: as a child nightmares; also dreams she can fly!
Menstruation is no problem, PMS: she can feel as if the flu is coming; sometimes stays at home because of the pains.
Temperature: too cold now; but cannot stand heat weather. Normally she was warm.

At this moment I tried to find a plant for her according to the new plant theory (Wonderful plants, 2013) of my colleague Jan Scholten.

I felt the mineral as well the plant sensation in her.
She is hard and soft at the same time; she sees many ‘ins and outs’, she can share her emotions but is stuck in a lonely and mistrustful mood.
She is more happy in nature; loves walking in the woods or along the sea
Fits in the plant kingdom
She has autonomic and creative features; but she feels no progress in her life.
She tries hard and tries and wants very much to belong to a new group, or meet some friends, but contact is difficult; she meets closed doors.
She feels insecure and is still mourning over childhood.

She undoubtedly has some Lanthanide qualities, but underneath, or before she can explore these qualities, there is a more deep sensation of no place to be, not seen by her parents and family, confusion about life itself.
I decide that her ruined childhood and her still depressed and unsure state-
She has still the feeling she does not now her place; where do I belong /I felt denied myself/ I felt myself as ‘pure’ unspoiled, not jealous-
need a remedy from the Carbonseries (Magnoloids) 62….(more than hydrogen or silica).
with emphasis on Carbon; the skin problems fit into this too.
So 622 to start with
As she is hesitating, not belonging to a group, but desperately wanting so, trying to find a ground to stand on.ashamed of not succeeding, this must be phase 2 or 3.
Phase 2 as she feels to me as Beryllium or Magnesium: early in carbonseries, but at the same time she is very assertively trying to adept, to find a place to belong to.
So I choose phase 3 with the Boron quality.
So 6223…The Canellales.
And then I choose subphase 2, Family Winteraceae, as she feels in this phase still very insecure and alone and not seen.
62232 A remedy of Winteraceae; this is the only plant in this family known as a homeopathic remedy.

I prescribed this remedy in May 2013, one granule 200K every 2 weeks.

After three months:
Energy goes up and down; first month lots of pains in her lymph-vessels on both sides, and swollen lymphnodes. This disappeared.
I see now a twinkle in her eyes.
She found a job as a volunteer and gets back her creativity, at the same time she is disappointed about the facilities; this feels as being limited, and not seen again.
She enjoys the responsibility and the creativity that is needed in this work.
She cannot show her anger; headaches still heavy, but less frequent; sleep restless, dreams a lot.

I repeated it the remedy, but for a month every week, and later every 2 weeks again.

3 months later, November 2013:
She reports a still on going improvement.
Last weeks she did not take any remedy.
She left her family behind.
She feels still alone, lonely, but not confused anymore.
Energy still improving
I saw her for the first time freely laughing!
She is more realistic in her expectations.
She sleeps better, she has found a paid job for some months in a nice team.
She understands now it will take more time to develop relationships.

She herself is convinced of the improvement by the homeopathic remedy.
But she wants to go deeper.

I prescribed the remedy of Winteraceae MK.
This case is still developing.

Treatment until now:
From 2008 until 2012, before the remedy of Winteraceae, the following remedies were helping a lot.

Differential diagnosis:
in the Lanthanide series/ emphasise on Silver series, phase 2/subphase 3.
Lamiidae 66533/ Boraginales: stage 4.
Or emphasise on Silicon series, Liliidae: 63322/3 Petrovaciaceae, Dioscoreaceae

Maria Klompé, Dr. in Homeopathy, Utrecht, Netherlands.