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A remedy form Apiaceae
Remedy code: 3-666.77.01
Case by Tomás Vyboch

Woman, 36y, epilepsy.
She had a car accident, after which she started having epileptic seizures. They begin with severe dizziness followed by loss of consciousness. She has very severe vertigo which worsens with menstruation.
She says that she was quite much in control during accident. She was rational and had no emotions. For her it is interesting coincidence that the first epileptic seizure occurred on the day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Her health began to improve a little when she went with her family to a holiday for skiing. However, at time when she was in the small, rented apartment, the landlord had heart attack and died. She wondered if she was causing these misfortunes. She was not feeling well either physically or mentally afterwards.
Client works as a homeopath.

Epilepsy after car accidents indicates Apiales. Being in control and rational during the accidents also confirms quality of Apiales. Lanthanide quality is confirmed by being a homeopath. We see there many aspects of phase 7. Car accident itself is a life-threatening situation, the theme of war and also the death of the landlord. Dizziness before menstruation points to A remedy form Apiaceae.

Follow up
After two months she is doing very well, seizures are gone. Dizziness has improved dramatically. After few months she is free from complaints.