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A remedy of Characeae
Proving by a male patient of the Kandern Clinic, Ulrich Welte
A healthy man of 60 years wanted to prove the remedy and had the following rather unpleasant but curative experience. He wrote it down during the proving. Here are his words:
A remedy of Characeae C30
White robots rage like berserkers in the tooth root, knocking down everything
(Dream 1st night, in January 12th): two white excavators with long shovels have been reprogrammed by terrorists as robots, to sabotage an Olympic camp: in the night before the event they lay the whole camp in rubble as if by remote control, they cut everything into pieces incredibly fast. Their otherwise slow movements run very fast like in fast motion. The mechanized movements rigidly follow the pattern of toothbrushes, back and forth length wise or crosswise, without feeling, with rigid force.
The next day an old tooth root granuloma is painful, a burrowing pain. Within 2 days it gets worse, the night after next is sleepless. The whole right lower jaw is swollen and hurts. Then to the dentist, root canal treatment, a lot of pus empties out of the drilled canal. Pus liquid and whitish, also swelling at the side of the gums, can be squeezed out. The next 2 days are even worse, the mouth is almost completely swollen, the right jaw hurts like hell. Fever, I feel like I'm knocked out after a left straight by Mike Tyson. Headache, everything hurts, just lying, sleeping, dozing. Then a quick recovery on the second or third day after the root canal. Two weeks later everything is OK again.
(More dreams): a dream theme is repeated stereotypically, every time you fall asleep you have the same dream over and over again, as if it is hammered in and finds no solution. First, data is deleted, again and again, each time the thought: I've already done that, they are there again, how many times more. The next day in the address line of a card index: the name of the street is marked with a pen: "Berserk Street" – but is that a symptom of a remedy of Characeae? It is just too far-fetched. Again this name, this time zoomed in with a magnifying glass, very big: "Berserk Street" - no, this is not a symptom. This line again, zoomed in again. Then I wake up and see that the robots have raged like berserkers and that the word fits the remedy of Characeae.
A remedy of Characeae 200
intake 11.4. in the morning, dream in the morning 12.4.12: 3 times the same dream, one after the other: each time try to imagine a clock that goes by the stars instead of the sun. It must be the dark side, the night side, according to which this clock goes, because the sun is only there during the day and only at night the stars shine. Again and again I try to visualize how such a clock looks like, how it runs, how one can imagine such a thing. It is like having to see everything upside down. I only partly succeed, again and again the old view of the day comes in between. The force of habit, how one usually sees things, is too strong. In the next dream I try it again, and again.
In the afternoon directly after taking the remedy of Characeae 200 and in the evening I feel the right lower jaw again, where the tooth was root canal treated, which hurt so much after the first intake 3 months ago. But this reaction only lasts in the evening, the tooth hurts a little when chewing.
A remedy of Characeae 30 
21.5.12: as if struck down the next day, tired, as if after great exertion, perhaps also by the mental strain during a business training course. No dreams remembered. The confusion after the course is not gone. Still dazed. No physical symptoms like last time. Friends say my empathy has grown again. I notice myself thinking more about how others feel when I act one way or another. Include other people's feelings more than before in any action. (Wednesday 23.5.): I am more considerate and think more along without it becoming too much for me. Maybe that is the main effect of the remedy.