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A remedy of Characeae
68-year-old female doctor, severe back pain and hip arthritis.
Seems stiff and aged, introverted, absent and unhappy despite great social competence and compassion. Her gait is bent with small shuffling, tripping, unsteady steps. She always has to "center" herself when she gets up from sitting and wants to walk. She sits bent, very stiff on the chair and has a rigid expression on her face. To my questions she answers rather irritated and negative. It seems as if she wants her peace and quiet, as if everything is too much for her. Her daily routine consists of fixed, repetitive sequences which she observes almost compulsively.
I wake up with strong burning, stabbing pains, superficial in the muscles and the muscle attachments. Then I have to move. I feel a stiffness, walk bent over in small steps. I feel insecure and always have to "center" myself only after getting up. So first sort everything out in peace.
Already as a child I had respiratory problems and collapsed because I couldn't breathe during the race. With 21 myocarditis.
All too much and too heavy. Always had to work lumbago because the load was crushing me. I can't go on, I don't want to go on.
Cramping, like being walled in. I can't move, no matter which way... Like you're bricked in, you can't get out of this wall. You can't make contact with the outside. No one there, no attention. But this prison was like a shelter too. The room was cold. Cold, like underwater. I let things float past me. The future was foggy.
Things from childhood, puberty, were so locked away, you couldn't reach them. There are certain areas you don't turn away. I would never have questioned my father and his parenting methods. When the first student assemblies and riots began, I was studying. I found it impossible that the students questioned their professors.
But then came the defiance: "You won't make me small".
I sleep up to 11 hours a day.
Walled into their building of conventions and norms.
After finishing her medical practice, increasing age depression in retirement and physical and mental rigidity.

A remedy of Characeae C 200
3 weeks after taking the remedy:
"I feel much better. I feel altogether lighter, more exhilarated. When I get up I immediately go into the upright position. I have firm, springy steps, no more shuffling, scurrying steps. I have cleaned up my apartment, cleared out, mucked out. All the activities I don't like to do were easily done by hand. No more burping."
5 weeks after taking the remedy:
increasing stiffness.

A remedy of Characeae C 1000
In the following 6 months, the patient regularly gave short feedback that she was getting better and better and finally a complete improvement of all complaints occurred.
After 12 months:
It was a process of inner clarification, a dialogue with myself. In the process, I realized that there are some things I no longer need... It was about the clarification of questions that had been bothering me for a long time: What burdens me? What ballast can I throw off? Do I need the praise, the recognition of other people to be worth something? No, I do not need that any more. Because I now feel my true value in me, the divine, original, what I really am. In this way I am also loved by God. So this "... you have to, you have to, you have to, you have to show performance on the outside away. It took the weight off me. Also the question whether I did everything right or should have set a course? "No, you couldn't have done anything better in the situation you were in. With these insights came the inner solution. It was a deep feeling of clarity and understanding. With this, the pain and limitations were also released." I feel much better now. I have no more physical complaints. I can move completely free. The pain in my back and hips has disappeared. The digestion works and my breathing is okay. I now decide freely according to my feelings. I no longer feel compelled to perform tasks or activities that have nothing to do with me."
After 2.5 years, acute shoulder-neck complaints after overloading occurred. There was pain as if walled in, head rotation was not possible.

A remedy of Characeae C 30
At first, the symptoms worsened. The patient was weak for two days, wanted to rest. After that everything relaxed. The feeling of being "walled in" and the tensions dissolved. The shoulder and neck became freely movable again. The patient concludes: "The remedy worked great, but the road was hard."
The patient shows significantly greater vitality. The hip operation was no longer necessary. The rigidity, the rigidity, the withdrawal from life, the dogmatic following of norms and values could be discarded after she clearly felt her inner core of being. This made her more aware of her needs. She no longer rigidly follows her inner dogmas and demands, but deals freely and spontaneously with herself and her fellow human beings. She feels light and cheerful and enjoys trying out new things. The acquired leitmotifs have been let go and with them her own suffering.