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A remedy of Characeae, case
Male 76, dementia after abdominal surgery, acute case
Nursing case after emergency surgery for perforation of the stomach with 2 liters of pus in the abdomen.
Trippling, stooping gait and stiff posture. Body is stiff. Already at noon he is afraid of falling asleep at night. Rigid gaze and dry lips. He has lost track of time, is forgetful and disoriented. He seems remote-controlled and hardly knows his way around his apartment. Aversion to any change and anything new. Confused, resists every suggestion to change his situation.

A remedy of Characeae C 30 split 5 d
Average effect after 4 weeks:
Stiffness, stooped gait and stare improved immediately. According to the children the improvement came from one day to the next. This was already visible a few days after the intake.
"First of all, the movements became more fluid and somewhat faster. After 2 weeks our father could walk fluently. Afterwards, bending became better and soon after that he was able to tie his shoes. 4 weeks after the first intake, our father left the apartment on his own to buy a newspaper. He got his orientation back completely, both in the apartment and in the neighborhood."
A remedy of Characeae C 200
After six months:
The nursing staff could be reduced very quickly. The relatives no longer needed to visit and support the father daily. The patient was almost in the same condition as before the stomach surgery. The restlessness was gone, as well as the fear of falling asleep.
A remedy of Characeae C 200 on demand
After 12 months:
"His condition has continued to improve, our father is completely stable. He is fit again and without complaints".
After 23 months:
"Our father has completely discharged the nursing service. He looks after himself alone, goes shopping, walks, and all movement patterns are normal. In the evening he likes to drink a bottle of beer and sleeps very well. He has been taking part in curling for some time now, which requires a lot of coordination. Now he leads a normal life, feels healthy and satisfied and has self-willedly stopped all chemical medicines. He says of himself, "he has dropped ballast". This is a very unusual statement for him."
The following symptoms led to the prescription of a remedy of Characeae
Remote controlled
Lost sense of time
deep aversion to change
Tense neck
Rigid gaze
Bent tripping gait