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Woman 32 years old, migraine and constipation
Migraines since puberty.
My skin is burning. I swallow a lot. I'm sure if I tried to fight it at home, I'd probably get a bang every day. I don't like fighting, screaming, giving in and keeping quiet. I don't like shouting. When my father yelled at me, I froze, stood at attention and was intimidated. I was a model child in puberty, I didn't go off the rails, I was very sensible, never drunk. Everything has to be in order, in its normal course. Otherwise, it would be chaos. Disoriented, can't find my way, bad sense of direction. Like in fog, you don't know what to expect, uncertainty, like in unknown streets (Stage 4).
Headaches, as if head is set in concrete, head too tight, pressure to the outside - can't expand, because everything is solid and rigid.
A remedy of Characeae C 200
Follow up after 5 weeks:
More vital, can get up easily in the morning. No more migraine, only some headache. Daily bowel movements. Before only 1-2 times a week. If I take a shower at the moment, I feel it washes away dirt. I wanna clean things up. Clear things up, get rid of the clutter, get things straight. I set myself in motion, that frees".
Follow up after 4 months:
no more headaches. I am no longer restricted. I am clearer and more relaxed, no longer have to plan everything in a structured way.