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Woman 58 years old, with sleep disorders, burning stomach pain, concentration problems and headaches (Bettina Kunz)
Married, employed, mother of three children. She looks very well-groomed, is a bit nervous and sits upright and stiff. It seems as if she is laboriously held together, and when she talks she always looks at her cheat sheet. She speaks expressionlessly. Her husband is dominant and indifferent.
My life is upside down. I can't do anything right for my husband. My children hardly react to me when I say something. Although I had learned three professions, it was worth nothing in my father's eyes.
When I think: "Now you have to say no and define yourself", my head becomes very funny, very dull, like in a fog (Stad.4). I can't think clearly, can't decide to say anything. There is something deep inside me and I know it would help me to know what to do, but I can't reach it. It always slips away."
I can't concentrate, I feel like I'm under a hood. Then when I have to make decisions, I get a headache. When I argue with my husband, I withdraw and freeze up. I can't think straight. Then in the morning I get a severe burning stomach ache. It's like pouring salt into a wound. I prefer to sit slightly bent over. I try to drink a lot of water, but I can't drink so much because I have the feeling that I have already swallowed far too much. I have to get out of this fog."
A remedy of Characeae C200.

Follow up 2.5 months later:
"My burning stomach pains have disappeared. Headaches much better, only after heated arguments or when I have to make a quick decision. I am not the quickest in deciding. It took me a year to decide which car I wanted to drive and buy, because I wanted to do everything right and I weighed up all eventualities. My husband almost flipped out.
"For the first time I feel something like anger and I used to say no. The fog in my head has lifted. My body no longer feels so heavy. I can move better."
A remedy of Characeae C 200

Follow-up after 4 months
"I feel much better. I've started cleaning out my apartment. Now I "m moving more. My sleep "s better. I don "t wake up so often at night and brood. I write down my thoughts to sort them out and make decisions faster. Organizing is good for me.
Email after 1 year:
"I've been dying to thank you for days. You have helped me over a threshold (Stage 4). I have found joy of life and inner satisfaction.