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Adolescent 15 y, acne, high liver values (Bettina Kunz)
Parents divorced, is left to himself all day, lets himself drift.
On every question first "no idea"; as if my words needed time to get through to him. Where are you right now? "What? No idea." How does it feel? "I don't know, kind of like being in a fog, like my head is underwater and the sounds are coming at me from far away. I feel like I'm under a bell jar, nothing can get in and nothing can get out" (Ceriums).
What is your wish for the treatment? "I don't know. I would like to move more, to make something out of my life. If only I could pull myself together. I don't want to sleep so much anymore."
Stomach pains burn like fire.
A remedy of Characeae C 200
Follow up after 2 months:
"Skin is better, pimples are gone, no new ones. The skin does not burn any more and is less red. My head is no longer foggy and I have also cleaned up my room. I am very sad because my father is never around. That's what I told my mother, that was the first time. Normally I don't talk about me with my mother."
Bowel movements don't smell as bad anymore. Conversation is no longer so stumbling. He actually follows my dietary recommendations.
A remedy of Characeae C 200.
I haven't heard from him in 8 months and then I saw him by chance in the suburban train. He proudly told me that he now plays in a very prestigious basketball club. He trains 4 times a week, attaches great importance to healthy nutrition and, as he says, has found a family in his club. His liver values have normalized and he is doing much better.