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Boy, 16Y, ADHD (Bettina Kunz, Krailling)
Parents divorced since he was 6 years old. Father was an alcoholic, violent. Kid comes into the office after three missed appointments.
He's a yes man, can't say no, doesn't speak in first person, just "man, you" (Borons)
Doesn't want to grow up < 7-11. (Borons, Nitricums)
Running around like a jack-in-the-box (Borons)
Easily deflected, remains at nothing (Stage 3)
Blurred, foggy (Stage 4)
Submerged, under water.
The deeper you dive, the greater the pressure, like crushed, like walled in, concreted over.

How did the remedy work?
It opened my eyes (unusual statement for a 17-year-old.)
I feel more determined, trying to work towards something.
Otherwise I was a lazy dog. After taking the remedy, it immediately moved something in me, I sat down with my career counsellor and I am more active.
I put more trust in myself, feel more secure when I do something.
This is completely new, set me in motion. I am me, I am clearer, don't let me get distracted anymore. It is no longer dusky, it is brighter, more peaceful.
What's the difference between the homeopathic remedy and Ritalin?
Now it's coming out of me! The remedy nudges and then you carry on by yourself.

The mother after 6 months: "My son is much more balanced and independent. He takes responsibility, e.g. he represents me in my business for a whole day (young sporty fashion). He does everything reliably and is open with the customers.
DD Bor (insecure personality, staggering without ground, Hans-Guck-in-the-air); Beryl (yes-man); Stad.3 (easily distracted, stays with nothing); Cerium (submerge into own world, everything closed)