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A remedy of Characeae - stoneware algae
Heidi Brand

Misty: dizzy, blurred, shadowy, cloudy; confused, disoriented; like under a bell jar, nothing goes in, nothing goes out; needs to be shaken awake, but quickly sinks back into stupor; sleeps far too long; drifts away, drifts away, no initiative; lost sense of time.
Slowed down: has to sort herself out slowly first; can't decide for a long time because she might make a mistake and is confused; internally blocked, moves only haltingly, moves as if with the handbrake on.
Walled in: as if set in concrete, inhibited movement, blocked, rigid, staring; in the corset of a compulsive order; crushed by loads, worries, conventions; as if under water, pressure weighs on you.
Mechanical: like remote controlled, programmed, mechanical, without living movement, robotic; expressionless, mask-like.
Fear of thresholds: blocks every suggestion, nothing may be changed; everything new is frightening, cannot let go and insists on familiar procedures, because every uncertainty is unbearable; fear of falling asleep. Does not get going, cannot get up. Can't say no, just works as usual.
Dirty: feels littered and crushed: throw off ballast, clean, clear, wash away dirt, muck out. Bad skin, pimples, acne. Stool smells bad. Liver detoxifies slowly: high transaminases.
Burning: burning skin inflammation, burning under the skin, burning stomach lining, < in the morning.
Clinical signs: Parkinson's disease (lack of movement, little facial expression, stiff, tripping gait); dementia; polyneuropathy; aphasia; obsessive-compulsive disorder; ADHD; depression, burnout; dizziness with confusion, orientation disorders, Meniere's disease. Torticollis, cervical stiffness. ankylosing spondylitis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis. Acne. High liver values.
Magnetics (compulsively slow).
Aluminiums (confused, demented).
Ceriums (bell jar, trapped inside); boron (disoriented).
Plumbums (mask-like solidification, Parkinson's disease);.
Sulfuricums (polluted, burns); nautilus (submerged, disoriented, meniere).
Stage 4 (threshold anxiety, blocked).
Stage 3 (easily distracted, uncertain swaying).
Uranium series (old, near death, brittle, solidified), carbon series (childlike fixation).