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A remedy of Characeae

18 year old girl, smiles dreamily, turned towards, but not really there, quickly tired. Her diagnosis is "dissociated intelligence", a form of divergent high abilities on the one hand and on the other hand a delay in development, especially in action, in the implementation of thought. She says it feels like she can't get to her brain. She is tired all the time. She sleeps a lot, dreams during the day (H-series), does not remember any dreams at night. She lets herself drift. She hasn't been in school for half a year because of "depression". She would like to travel, but she can't because of lack of energy. She says that unfortunately she cannot perceive everything the way she would like to because she often cannot keep everything and is tired most of the time.
Because of her rapid fatigue during low physical exertion, she has been examined for asthma and heart disease. Because of an earlier diagnosed heart defect (small atrial septum defect?) she was examined more closely, especially cardiologically, but nothing came of it. Various therapy attempts had been ineffective (thyroid hormones, iron, VitD3, calcium, Q10, carnitine, arginine and other amino acids, taurine, milk thistle etc). When asked if anything had helped, she remembered that she had experienced an improvement after taking a remedy of Chlorellaceae. She had been more light-hearted then, "yes, now I only remember again, I was clearer then, more present, as if I had been born properly for the first time (H-series)". Selenium also helped a little, she was less dim.
After the birth she had a KISS syndrome, was overstretched backwards and warped to the right. She became clean with a delay, needed diapers until the age of 4. But then she developed very quickly. She was a happy child, came already with 5 into the school. At 8 she had a nystagmus. In the 3rd grade she developed dyslexia, which depressed her so much that she did not want to live anymore (C-series). She is gifted in math, but has problems with languages and speech. Her life ideals and wishes are: 1. that we are doing well, to be healthy (C-Series); 2. that we do not starve to death (C-Series); 3. that I can do what I want without my body hindering me (C-Series). Their colors were 17-18C and 23BC.
Analysis: a mixture of carbon and hydrogent themes. Because she had responded so well to a green algae, the first middle thought about this remedy was However, it was not yet available potentiated. So she received the other green alga, a remedy of Characeae C200, plussing procedure, for 3 weeks. Effect: others say she is more open, more present and she talks more. She cleaned up her room and threw away old things, which was not possible before, she never threw anything away and many old things accumulated. After that Chara MK daily over a week. According to her mother, this makes her more lively, more awake, and also more rebellious. What is new is that she can read through a book in one go, otherwise she hardly read at all or it took forever for a book. She is afraid of decisions. On a trial basis a Lanthanum remedy (dyslexia with weakness of decision = Lanthanides, shortness of breath, garbage=oxygeniums) is given, but a remedy of Characeae is clearly better. Whenever she takes it she is more present, more independent, less anxious. Observation period 3 months. Currently she is taking a rmedy of Chlorellaceae, which is now available from Helios. Results are still pending.

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