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A remedy from the Cerium compounds
Boy, 2 years old, worries and fears

Since birth, he often looks worried. During the pregnancy his mother would get brief spells of a feeling of dread. This would happen about 10 times per day, and last only 15 seconds. Also, during the pregnancy there was a scare when ultrasound revealed an abnormality in his twin sister. The technician told the mother the other child might die, though it turned out the abnormality was an indication of Down Syndrome. The twins were conceived with IVF. This pregnancy was a last chance before the parents would give up and seek adoption. There was a lot of anxiety due to previous failed attempts.

He is frightened and overwhelmed by new things, or being in unfamiliar places. For example, when he was moved to a new class at daycare, he became very anxious. He is also very fearful of loud noises. His mother remembers being an anxious child herself, and has come for a remedy so that he will not be unnecessarily anxious.

He did not sleep much as an infant, only in his bouncy chair, or when held. He would often wake up in terror, and appeared to not recognize anyone. He was very active crawling, but a little late walking, appearing to fear the feeling of imbalance when he tried to stand.

He is very curious and interested in things. He is gentle and precise in his movements and activities. In my office, he would carefully pick things up, or probe them with interest, rather than hit or throw things or make any destructive movements. His mother says that he loves “things,” he will ignore toys and go for “real things” (like a cell phone) and investigate them. He is sociable at day care.

He has had a lot of ear infections, and has tubes in his ears.

He has a preference for the color orange (approx. 6C); he goes after and hangs onto crayons or any object of that color. His favorite foods is pita bread, baby biscuits (he is not given sweets or cookies so far), and also ham, fish and other meats.

Cerium compound remedy:
Fear of new things. Mother’s fear of losing him during pregnancy.

Following the Cerium compound remedy, his mother now reports a fundamental shift in his personality and his behavior. The second night he woke up crying from a bad dream, but he was not terrified as in the past. He was comforted and went back to sleep with no problem.

Over the next few days, he had one major and one minor temper tantrum – his first tantrums ever. No more Mister Nice Guy – he was mad and expressing it. After that, the tantrums stopped but he took to striking out, deliberately smacking family members, or kicking while diapers are being changed. If he gets a minor hurt, or bump, he will turn around and hit Mom in reaction. His mother thought the he was doing it is an experiment, or to experience his aggression; he did not appear to be out of control. This reaction stopped after a while.

He wants to be taken care of by Mom, cries and carries on when Dad cares for him, though they get on together at other times.

He is no longer so afraid of loud noises. He does not like them, but just says “too loud.” He is no longer terrified of the vacuum. He still doesn’t like it at all, but he gathers up his toys and goes in his bedroom and closes the door, rather than getting into a panic.

Two years later, at 4½, he is “not engaged” when playing soccer in a group of 4-6-year-olds. He does not pay attention to the coach, and it is hard to get his attention. He does like to run around and be physical, but is not really participating with the group. He’s in his own world. On the other hand, he also looks with hang-dog expression at his mother frequently, indicating that he doesn’t want to be there.

He is given another dose of the Cerium compound remedy, after a couple of days there is a big change. He is now “engaged” in soccer, listens to the coach, watches when things are demonstrated and gets very excited to try it himself. No more pitiful looks and wanting to go home.

He is now 5½ and doing well. He gets upset if he can’t figure something out from watching. For example, he was upset trying to understand how to play a ball game, and bursts into tears when his mother tried to explain the game to him. He wanted to figure it out for himself, but he couldn’t because it was a chaotic scene with youngster not old enough to understand and follow the rules of the game. Giving her the description of the Cerium compound remedy inner state (“having to do it yourself”) helps her understand him better.

He never had any further ear trouble after getting the tubes in his ears, and when they came out, he remained fine and the tubes were not replaced.

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