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The Caryophyllaceae were not well divided in Subphases in the first version of the Plant theory. The lack of information and remedies made that too speculative. Recent information and rpovings of new remedies has made the division possible. The placement of Caryophyllaceae in Phase 4 has been quite well established. The care for their family is a keynote for the Caryophyllaceae and they do not question that.
4. The tribe Caryophylleae with Dianthus, Gyposphyla and Saponaria have indications for Subphase 4.
6. Sileneae, the other tribe in Silenoideae, shows aspects of Subphase 6.
7. Paronycheae with Herniaria and Paroncyhia is placed in in Subphase 7. Cases of Herniaria and Paroncyhia showed suicide, beatings, insanity and being an unwanted child.
1. Polycarpeae is placed in Subphase 1. This is confirmed with a case of Spergularia.
3. Provings of Cerastium and Eregenome have indications for Subphase 3. Stellaria cases also have a Subphase 3 qualities. The clade in Fior containing those genera, Group B, is taken as Subphase 3. I have given it the name Stellarieae.
2. Scleranthus is known for his timidity, Subphase 2. A proving of Minuartia confirmed this. This clade, In Fior without a name, is given the name Sclerantheae, the name of a sub tribe.
5. Alsineae. The last clade, Group C in Fior, is then left for Subphase 5. There is though a lack of information to confirm this.

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