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A remedy of Annonaceae case
Woman, 60, depression.
She is depressed, < winter, < alone. It feels like a survival life. Her Quality of Life is 50.
She is very tired. She feels as if she constantly has to do something for others, like in the past for relatives. She feels as if she cannot delimit herself. She feels vulnerable. She feels unstable, over asked.
Her concentration is very low, she feels as if in a mist, not in this reality. She is forgetful, cannot find words, makes mistakes in speaking. It feels as nothing is seizable and dissolves. Life is not carrying her, as if she cannot trust anything. She fears to keep on falling deeper and deeper.
She feels tense inside, as if she has a heavy work load. She cannot tolerate criticism because she feels questioned, as if some crushes inside her, as if she is not present, does not exist anymore, as if she is erased, as if she is totally shrunk.

As a child she was daydreaming a lot, it was her only survival mechanism in the family. She felt never having contact with her mother. Her mother hated the household and getting children. She experienced her children as a disturbance.
She was longing for her father, but he was never present, always working in the family business. She preferred to stay in the business of her father so that she had him at least a little bit. When her father died she felt having no family left. In her youth she often ran away from home, to other family. She felt totally alone, an outsider, not fitting in. She became very sensitive to feel feel what was going on so that she could anticipate the events and be a little connected. Her father would mostly tell her that was unable to do things. She felt not seen, her will was not tolerated.
She cannot stand aggression, cannot understand hatred and torture like from nazis and terrorists; it feels dehumanizing: "When a human losses his self worth he falls deeper than an animal".
In puberty she had even less contact. Once she was sexually abused and then her parents blamed her for it.

Obesity; eating gives her an armour.
Fear surgery, to have arrested breathing.
Backache, neck pains.
Seasickness, carsick, < roller coaster.
Cramps in chest, feet, sides, calves, unbearable pain, < motion, > stretching.
Indigestion from milk and diary products.

Complaints in the past
Breast cancer, trotted with surgery, radiation.
Gall bladder colics.
Ovarium cysts, dermoid and chocolate; endometriosis.

Plants: her garden is her hobby; loves roses, dahlia and fruit trees.
Animals: loves dogs.

Follow up
After the remedy of Annonaceae MK she feels much better. This way she is able to stand in life. She is happy in the morning, looking forward to the day. She feels alive and can delimit herself. Her Quality of Life is 80.
As a reaction she got a bronchitis with asthma and palpitations. for a week.