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A remedy from Hyacinthaceae
Woman, 25, urticaria.
She has urticaria, She studied photography, and has started a business in it, especially fashion and art photography.
She also plays music and is busy making her own music album. She is busy daily and weekly she is in a studio with a producer. She is doing the violin and singing, he does keybords. They had an affair for a while. But he could not make a choice for her as he still was feeling too connected to his old love. They love each other, but hesitate to make it more substantial. After more than a year she asked to make a choice for her or not. He couldn’t and so the relationship ended. She is still in love with him and it is still affecting her very much. She starts weeping when telling about the relationship.
Comes from a warmly balanced family, father and mother. Good contact with brother, making music together.
Irritated when things don't go fast enough. Wants to be free and make her own choices.
She's very active.
Does everything for commercials in Instagram.
A twenties, dark blond, shorter hair. Nice arty smooth woman.
Has an androgynous quality.

Silicon series: problem is the relationship. Not the music.
Phase 6: she has been set aside, you immediately go to the Liliales: 3-663.60.00.
Phase 3: triangular situation.
Stage 5: uncertainty, hesitating about the relationship.
Hyacinthaceae: 3-633.63.05.
Being androgynous is reminiscent of the Lanthanides.

Follow up
After A remedy from Hyacinthaceae C30 all the problems cleared up. She could work together with her friend without having the feeling of being in love.