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A case of Bergeranthoideae
Woman, 60, emaciation, palpitations.
She has a relationship with a man, that can be very aggressive with words. She love shim very much, he is the pearl in her life as he is very open, direct and spiritually oriented. But she cannot cope with his aggressive attacks. She gets palpitations. The attacks come out of the blue, from trifles and then she in shock, stands as if frozen, asking herself what she has done wrong. She is afraid of anger in general of being beaten. She does not understand his anger. Both are spiritual and nevertheless they can talk well with each other. She is compassionate with him, sees his suffering. Yet she retreats to herself, keeps her distance. She asks herself "What have I done to make this man so angry? What am I doing wrong about being so angry?" But she also understands him as he had a difficult youth, difficult periods. He talks about ego patterns. He is jealous of her because she remains so friendly and light. She can cry because of what her husband has experienced in his youth. Sometimes she is very afraid of her husband that he might hurt her. Sometimes she becomes as cold as a stone when he is so angry again and then thinks about divorce. She does not share these things with her children.

She has been married before for 17 years and has two suns from the marriage. Her husband was nice man, but he was weak, asthmatic and could not work. He had frequent migraine and then everyone had to be very silent in the house. She did the work and caring for the children. But he could not cope with that, that she did everything. He suddenly left her and she had to work hard for several years to pay off the debts of the house and to care for the children.

Her parents were very simple people and they never beat or punished her. Her mother was also very caring, but a very anxious person. Her father had her as a favourite, learned her everything, and like to read stories for her. She had a good childhood. Her father was a good man, a natural person, taught her a lot and told her stories often. Her mother was more in the background, civil, sweet but anxious. She feels connected with the God part. She meditates and asks if she can be in the Light.
She is very creative, plays the piano. She can handle situations of poverty very well. She is very caring and soft. She is also very wise, can adapt to extreme situations.

She is very refined, light and friendly. She feels herself as too small and fragile. She finds her weight too little for her height. She is chewy, feels vulnerable and has a wrinkling skin.
As a child she had carsickness and still has seasickness. She was lean, thin and pale.
Till the age of nine she had frequent throat infections till his tonsils were removed.

The main problem is with her husband (Silicon series) to whom she adapts (Phase 2) and she tries to clam him by pleasing him (Phase 3). both try to solve their problems by spiritual means and perceptions (Lanthanides).
Plant Kingdom: sensitive, refined.
Lanthanides: meditation, spiritual.
Phase 3: pleasing; feeling guilty, unjustified.
Prescription: 3-663.23.00 a remedy of Bergeranthoideae.

Follow up
After a remedy of Bergeranthoideae she is doing much better

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