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An Aulacomonium remedy
Case by Jan Scholten
Woman, 50, abdominal pain.

She has abdominal pain a few hours after defecation. It feels as if she is punched in her abdomen, around her umbilicus, as if het intestines are twisted and sore. The complaints are better with lying on her back with her legs drawn up and warm applications.

She also has breathing problems. It feels as if it is blocked, fixed when she wakes. Sometimes she forgets to breathe, especially when she is giving homeopathic consultations. Then it can feel as if her throat and chest are oppressed, as if she will suffocate. She can associate it when she started to learn to swim and she just sank to the bottom with a huge fear to drown and die. She also associates it when she woke after an anaesthesia for an operation and the nurse pushed her to breathe "now just breathe, madam". She also associates it with moving to the city when she was twelve. She missed the nature, animals, the woods, and her friends with pony's. The city was terrible with the cars and traffic light, with others ridiculing her for wearing wooden shoes. No-one was listening to her and she felt very sad.

She is very nature minded and lived for a few years in the nature, far away from cities, with her boyfriend and their child. She is very open, communicative and friendly. She prefers to prescribe lacs and phosphoric remedies, probably because she attracts phosphoric patients.
She has strong seasickness and car sickness.

Plant: sensitive, love nature, woods.
Moss: retires from cities and villages.
Phase 5: open, communicative, friendly; prescribes phosphoricums.
Phase 3: strong seasickness and car sickness.
An Aulacomnium remedy: drowning.

Follow up
2 days after the Aulacomnium remedy C30 she has much stool with the feeling that her intestines are emptying themselves completely. The next day she has pain in her abdomen in the night, worse from touch and better from warm applications. It is a deep pain as if torn apart, sharp, wringing.
After that she start feeling better. After six weeks her breathing does not give problems anymore. She feels much less vulnerable, has more courage. She does things instead of procrastinating everything. She started horse riding again, with she feared to do for a few years. Her Cesar therapist tells her that her posture has changed for the better: her pelvis is not collapsed anymore and the same has changed with her chest.
Her quality of life rosewoods from 65 to 75.