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An Aulacomonium remedy
Case by Jan Scholten

Woman, 25, depression
She is depressed, she doesn't fancy anything and just sits in a corner hanging in a chair. She also does not want to go to her job, working in a caring farm. This came on since her manager has changed and the new one is not nice to her. Her manager is forcing her to do things in a hurry. She hears voices in her head that she has to get up and go to work. She needs peace and cannot stand noise, yelling and too much activity. Then she gets a pressing headache, as if if would explode. It gets worse when she has to do too much.
She is mentally handicapped and lives with her parents. At 3 her talking diminished and she had to go to schools for mentally handicapped children. She cannot read, but has a visual memory. She prefers to work with animals and not so much with people. Here own guinea pig is very important for her. She is very much on her own, has autistic tendencies. She has a strong aversion toi change, everything has to be ordered and in a fixed place. She is very black and white, also with people, she likes them or not.
She has complaints of an irritable bowel syndrome, spastic pains in her abdomen from eating too much, spicy and cheese. But she likes cheese and also sushi, pasta, rice, milk chicken.
She has nightmares of people and about being pushed under water.
She has astitching abdominal pains, worse form constipation

Plant: sensitive.
Moss: mentally handicapped; problems to work.
Phase 5: being forced; headache pressing, exploding.
Phase 3: passive, retiring, not speaking.
Aulacomnium remedy: drowning.

Follow up
After 6 weeks and 3 doses of an Aulacomnium remedy C30 she feels much better. Her vitality has come back, she is much more cheerful and the aversion to het job is mostly gone. She is more active and the voices in her head are only from time to time. She can laugh and sing again.
6 months later she is still working with pleasure and active. Her quality of life rose from 20 to 90. She talks to the doctor instead of being silent.