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Woman, 28, menstruation problems, fibrillation
Case by Ulrich Welte

with cycle complaints. Head or heart fibrillation?
She has never had a normal cycle, up to 16 years amenorhoea, menses then only by taking the pill.
In many situations she throws herself into what happens. She wants to be as perfect as possible, but then she thinks others are better, only she is small and goofy, and then the other outcasts her. Then she makes mistakes, everything becomes very fast and hectic, as if she is running around like a crazy chicken. She can no longer think, her head has gone on tilt as in the pinball. It feels as skewed, tangled, nothing works. Her heart is out of control, as in chamber or atrial fibrillation. This happened in earlier times when practising piano, or in advance before exams.
She was an only child, was everything for her father until he died of ventricular fibrillation, when she was 14. He always suffered from dyspnoe in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was always so sensitive that she took care not to excite him, to spare him, because she would be guilty for causing his death otherwise. So she behaved gentle, was virtually invisible. Once she dreamed that she was standing in the garden at night in front of the house, and then from above came a light like a spotlight from a UFO, and the father was back, stretched out his hand and said “come with me”, but she decided against it, not wanting to drift into the other world.

The color preference 24D showed Antiaria remedy . Fitting are the liveliness and the clouded feeling in the head, she cannot think and speak, changeability from cramp and flaccidity. Furthermore, dyspnoe with cardiac paralysis and respiratory failure, which indeed led to the death of her father.

Follow up
After the Antiaria remedy MK she gets a neck pain, an old symptom, and she has wild dreams in which she solves old problems. It clarifies tensions with her mother, brings the problems for the first time on the table. After repeating the remedy she has no disturbing effect, become just quiet. Many things do not hit her like before, she has more confidence that everything works. The old feeling that she no longer knows where her head is, is a lot better. She can deny it easily and responds calmly, the head flicker is gone (she says head fibrillation, thinking of the medical term atrial fibrillation from which her father died). She can control it herself, is no longer overwhelmed. Her menses are still missing.

Stage: not 12, rather 3 or 9. She likes to please her father and adapts, is tangled, as alum or boron.
Stage 3: She has changed her vocational idea several times, first architect, then medicine, then stumbled on pharmacy.
Stage 9: problems before exams, she wants to be as perfect as possible, but the opponent outcasts her.