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A remedy form Apiaceae
Case by Michaela Zorzi

Woman, 34a, strong, reflective, working in a call center. Pregnant, 14th week.
She does not know exactly who is the father of her child. But she assumes it is her former boyfriend, who is in jail, who is an orphan, was brought up from Sinti.
She had a choleric father who often beat her. With 14 she had severe depression, she started self-injuring. Drugabuse.
Recurrent tonsillitis as a child. Loves salty, sweet, nicotine.
First boyfriend infected her with gonorrhea, excision of one tube.
Born in Poland, migration of mother to Austria, father was a political migrant, he was a cameraman and was persecuted, went later to Austria too.
No brothers and sisters.
After her birth her heart didn’t beat a short time.
She is very stubborn, goes in confrontation with others. loves to help. High environmental consciousness. Fighting for injustice.
She doesn’t want to condemn anyone.
As a child she had a very strict grandmother (her mother’s mother). She said, she (the patient) is the devil’s child - !! the remedy Angel root;) )
Once her mother bought her sweets and she betrayed her, because she told her grandmother about it, who had forbidden to buying sweets. She cannot forgive herself for this betrayal.
In the family of her grandmother her family feltlike rubbish. (6?)
Dreams of rape, to be a hostage, being persecuted.

Prescription: A remedy form Apiaceae LM 6 daily

Follow up
One month later she has less guilty feeling against her mother, less rage because of her mother’s former adapting and pleasing!
Three months later her father suffers from bladder cancer, she visits him in Poland, he lives there again, she would like to care for him. He tends to lean on her now. She could talk to him about his cruel behavior in her childhood.
She lives with her new boyfriend, who is not amused not knowing, if he is the father of the child. She is very justice to allow the most likely father (orphan!) of her child to see her regularly, but she definitely knows not to want to live with him. stable? 4?
“I now want an anchor, I always had been without roots.”
So there are as well aspects of Subphase 3.