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A remedy from Hyacinthaceae
Woman, 35, stomach problems.
She looks young.
She is not appreciated by her father. This gave a deep anger, a deep grudge against her father.
Later she was not appreciated by friends; she does her best, wanting to do good for them. She has a pleasing quality, but withdraws when she is not appreciated.
She sees the therapist as a kind of father.

Silicon series: problems with father, friends.
Phase 6: not appreciated by her father; deep anger, grudge against father.
Phase 3: pleasing.
Stage 13: withdraws.
Hyacinthaceae: 3-633.63.00.

Follow up
After a remedy from Hyacinthaceae she has really changed
Amazing experiences. She had a dream that she is climbing the tower of a church; at the top she had to make a change, but she feared doing it. She still does it, but she falls, then she realizes it is another personality.
She felt freed from the grudge against her father.
Story comes to the village telling he had the most beautiful heart of the world. Later an old man comes and tells the same.