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Female, 21 years

One of Jeremy Sherr’s patients in Africa. It is important to know that in the cultural context there, for a woman it is of greatest importance to have children.

Consultation February 2012

In 2009 she got Calcium carbonicum When she failed her exams, she sat at home, doing nothing, wouldn’t even eat. She was then prescribed Aurum.
Jeremy knows from her mother that she got pregnant and she was in shock when the doctor told her to abort the baby because she is HIV positive. She got the baby nevertheless at the beginning of February but it died.
The patient starts to cry, she thinks she will never have babies. Jeremy gives her courage: You are positive since birth and look how you are now, 21 years old and alive and good. You will have more babies and they will also be good. There are many like you that Iive known whose babies are doing well.
The patient tells she had a Caesarian and the baby died of yellow fever.
Now she feels pain in the right hip, the waist, she has poor vision and itching in the ear. Her tongue is very white coated. She has no appetite. She dreams of dead babies.
The operation wound is healing OK.

At first sight we are inclined to prescribe Ignatia for the obvious grief the patient suffers after the loss of the baby. But she doesn’t display a Ignatia picture. The story also reveals she was most hurt by the idea that shed never get babies again because she is positive (HIV positive) and in this way becomes worthless. When pregnant, doctors wanted to abort her, giving her the message she wasn’t worthy to become a mother. In the past the symptoms she developed were after failing her exams, which threw her in utter despair, to the point she wouldn’t even eat. It seems that the events triggered the same feeling in her: of being rejected (rubric in Synthesis: Mind; Rejected; ailments from being). Further rubrics are
Mind; Grief; silent, pent up,
Mind; Despair and
Mind; Taciturn, indisposed to talk.

Prescription 433.06.01 Sulphuricum acidum

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