Jan Scholten

0.2.4 Iron series

Task Trade Abilities Profession
This is the level where abilities start to be developed. They have to learn to fulfil certain tasks. In order to do this they have to be schooled by another person, either a master or a teacher, a school or the parents themselves. Eventually they learn to carry out this task by themselves.

Youth Adulthood
This is the phase of becoming an adult. In our society this includes the years of puberty. This is when they learn a certain trade at school.

This is the area of the village or the tribe, as it used to be in the olden days. The individual gets to know the whole group and starts to determine his own position within this group. This position is linked to a trade he has learned, for instance being a baker or a carpenter. The area is still small enough for everybody to know everybody else, the way it happens in a village. Research has shown that it is possible to know about 2000 people personally, and this is the average population of a village.