Jan Scholten

‘The eternal crown prince’

Iridium is not very well known as a remedy. Sherr has done a proving recently.

The names is derived from the word ‘iris’, meaning rainbow, because of its colourful range of salts. It was discovered in 1804 and its chemical name is Ir.
It is a hard metal, difficult to mould. It is used to make fountain pens and injection needles. It is also used in standard weights and measures and the international standard meter is made out of an alloy of Platinum and iridium.
Iridium is quite commonly found in the remains of meteorites and supernova’s. The great meteor crash in Mexico that happened 65 million years ago and that was the most probable cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs left large deposits of iridium in the earth (Volkskrant 21-1-95).