Jan Scholten

Hydrogen series

Theme: being, experiencing.
Theme: truth, whole, symbiosis, timeless, spaceless.

The theme is: to be or not to be, to participate in this worldly existence or not. We might call it the theme of reincarnation.

True Not true
Connected to the previous theme is the issue about truth. How can we know whether something is true or not? We could say this is the theme of knowledge.

Wholeness and totality is a concept that clearly applies to these two elements.

Space Time
Existence has not been placed within a frame of time and space yet. It is a state of just ’being’, without any further definitions or frameworks.

If there are any problems in this area we will notice symptoms of psychosis. There is no clarity about what is true and what is not, this results in hallucinations. Because these people are still in contact with everything that is outside them they are often clairvoyant, although they won’t know what belongs to what. There is no distinction between the world and themselves, everything is one.

In the overall development of life this phase corresponds to that of the unborn child. The unborn child does exist, but it doesn’t do anything yet, it’s experiences are indirect. In birds and certain other animals this would be the phase of the unhatched egg, in plants that of the seed.