Jan Scholten


The peculiar thing is the combination of insecurity and self-confidence. They know what they want, feeling they have a right on it. On the other hand they feel too shy to express it, fearing that their family or boyfriend will think they are too demanding and forceful. They fear they will not be accepted anymore when they will show their full potential and drive. So they become very careful in their expression.
In their marriage a similar state arises, where one is domineering and the other adapting. Or the domineering one has to hold in for the other. It is a subtle balance to reach harmony, which is never flowering.

Their place in family and friends is unsure.
Confused what to do, their own impulse or that of others.
Everlasting, youthful innocence, bliss.
Not fully alive, asleep, unaware.
Impending doom.
Theme: grace, tomb, end of the world.
Grieve, devastating, mourning, silent grief, emotional trauma, < betrayal.
Stuck between 2 options, no way out, narrow.
Withdrawal, repressed, bottled up, retention, hidden.
Delusion: neglected; excluded; in religion, society, being special.
Desire to belong, being included, part of.
Constrained; oppressed; constricted; held in tightly; grasping; holding on; clutching.
Attractive behaviour, vivacious, egotism, loquacity; attractive clothing, cosmetics.

Sensation: forced out; excluded; extruded; pushed out; left out.

Head: headache, < excitement.
Lungs: asthma.
Heart: problems.
Chest: nipples feel long.
Urinary: dropsy.
Female: dysmenorrhoea.