Jan Scholten

0.8 Subjective Objective

Provings are a means to gather information about the picture of a remedy. The goal is to get information that is as objective as possible. But that leads to a paradox in provings. The prover is both subject and object and that cannot be split.

Objective and subjective are mixed
One can try to split to functions of the prover and shift the objective part to a supervisor who doesn’t participate in the proving as such, but only records. That is what is done in classical provings. But that doesn’t solve the problem. Provers are inherently subjective in the sense that they experience the symptoms in themselves. Only physical changes are called objective in the strict sense. But such symptoms are not preferred to get in provings as they can lead to persisting health disturbances. One can induce those symptoms especially with big doses of the crude substance like in intoxications.

Observer influence
The striving for objectivity is a good thing in itself. But principally it is impossible to be objective. Any observer will influence whatever experiment is done. This is even the case in physics and the more so in life sciences.

Objective subjectivity
There exist in strange paradox in the human experience in general and in provings likewise. Inner experiences are subjective in the sense that they are experienced by a subject. But at the same time they are objective as they exist in the prover.

On the other hand provers have to focus on the state of the proven substance and have to depart from other influences like their own inner states. This is a crucial point in provings. It stresses the importance of the quality of the provers, a point which is often neglected in proving protocols, but which is much more essential than any protocol. Provers have to be able or to learn to focus on the proven remedy and not get distracted by their own problems and states. This is something that can be learned. It was the experience of the provers that they were better provers in Kenton than on Lamu, the previous proving seminar.

The mix of personal and proving states can also have good results. Often provers are attracted to remedies that blend in with one of their own personal states. In the proving the different states get easily mixed then. As long as provers are aware of this phenomenon it makes the proving better, giving it depth.
In such cases the proving is not only a proving but also a healing experience. as a consequence the provers gets more healthy and becomes a better prover, having released some of his own states.