Jan Scholten

0.7.6 Series 6. The Gold series

The world seen as my world versus the rest of the universe.

Power leadership
Power is the central theme of this level. It is all about leadership and power over other people. Leadership goes hand in hand with a feeling of responsibility for those people.

Mature age
This is the phase of maturity, the age at which people traditionally used to and still do come into a position of power.

Country World Humanity
The area has now been extended to include the whole country or even the whole world. The vision of a king has to be much broader than that of a baker: a king has to be able to see his whole country in order to plan his strategies. The world and humankind is seen as belonging to them. They become humanitarian and feel responsible for the world, humankind, nature. There are no enemies on earth, so war becomes obsolete. Maybe enemies can come from Mars.

The eyes are associated with the Gold series. They are one of the main problem areas of the remedies in this series.

Power; leader, director, boss, king.
Responsibility; heavy duty.
High position; haughty; high.
Sense of vision.
Brain; eye; regulating systems, hormonal, immune; genital organs.
Age: older age; 60 to 80.

No real reference.


Gold Plants
There is no plant that correspond to Gold Series?
It has not become directly clear yet. Most of Asteranae have a responsibility for the world, but they do not want to be leaders most of the time. We can find the leadership quality sometimes in Lamiidae.
Gold Series in Plants
Hello Jan, your comment makes me wonder if a Gold Series quality tends to appear, or increase, in the plant orders / families located to the right hand side (5th / 6th subclasses) of M.Yakir's Table (also, 'higher' in terms of the numbers of the Erikkson stages) - i.e. the right-lower part of the table, as opposed to those in the 'lesser' subclasses on the left hand side of the Table - just as you hinted at in your reply. You specifically mentioned the Lamiidae, of which the Loganiaceae are part. We know Nux-v. as a potentially 'bossy' remedy. A 'superposition' of your and M.Yakir's systems might in fact provide some very interesting additional information. Has anybody had insights along these lines ???