Jan Scholten


Systematic overview
The goal of this book is to create a systematic overview of the Plant kingdom, the main families and the main remedies in those families.

For systematic overview, a classification is needed. Grouping of all the genera and species in families, orders, classes and phyla is done in taxonomy. But the final classification has to fit with the homeopathic information and it has to fit with logical considerations.
The classification of botany has to coincide with the classification of the Element theory as will be explained in the chapter “Method”.

A good classification is built on the essence of its members. This means that the classification has to reveal the essence and that the essences have to reveal the classification. A good classification makes differentiation straightforward, based on essential features.

It is important to take into account the whole Plant kingdom so that all plants are presented in the classification.

The classification has to have a certain logic in it. In more common language, it has to make sense. The classes should not be artificial and they have to be coherent.

The classification has to make it possible to predict remedy pictures from their position in the classification.

Differential diagnosis
The classification has to make the differential diagnosis possible between any two members and any two plants in a straightforward way.