Jan Scholten

700.00.00 Fungi

Recently Fungi are seen as a separate kingdom, instead of as part of the Plant kingdom. For instance, instead of cellulose they use chitin, similar to that of insects. Fungi are seen as more related to the Animal kingdom than the Plant kingdom these days.
From the point of their behaviour they look more like plants. They are bound to a place to the ground and cannot move.
This Kingdom will not be further discussed in this book.

One can see the fungi as the Uranium series of the Plant kingdom. The situation is that on the edge of life and death. Fungi are growing in dying plants and trees, breaking down the wood. They break down all kinds of decaying and dead matter.
They are mostly unseen. Fungi can cover an entire forest as one mycelium but no one sees them. Only the mushroom is the visible part and then only for some time and not for all species.

Ailments from disasters, accidents, war, violence; families shattered and torn apart, death of relatives, parents, friends.
Being in another world, the spiritual world.
On the edge of life and death.
Interest in death, graveyards, ghosts.
Intuition, clairvoyance.
Superhuman powers, strength.
Unseen, unseen power.
Theme: toads, mushroom forms as in nuclear bombs.
Theme: elves.

General: cancer.
Ailments from radiation, radioactive radiation.
Life is retiring, from the extremities to the centre and into death.
Limbs: hands and feet gone, die, become necrotic, develop gangrene.