Jan Scholten

Frangula californica, Rhamnus californica

Nervous, restless, irritable.
Lassitude; mentally dull and dazed; unable to concentrate mind on studies.
Sexual desire increased.

Sweat: profuse.
Time: < evening; < 3 am.

Head: dizzy full; heavy bruised sensation, > pressure; bursting < every step: sore, occiput and vertex, < bending over; dull, aching, left temple, left frontal, extending backwards and over forehead; deep, right-sided frontal headache.
Head: pain in head, neck and face.
Eyes: twitching eyelids.
Ears: dull hearing; soreness, deep under right tragus, < swallowing.
Face: flushed, hot, glowing; outward pressure from malar processes.
Mouth: canker sore between gums and lips; tongue coated, with clean, pink central patch.
Throat: dry, rough; soreness on right side and tonsil.
Heart: rheumatic heart; pulse variable, slow.
Chest: pleurodynia; substernal oppression; tender right intercostal muscles, < pressure.
Stomach: pain.
Rectum: constipation; flatus; ineffectual straining; dry stool; flatulent diarrhoea.
Urinary: bladder ineffectual straining; urination increased; tickling in anterior urethra, small morning drop.
Female: dysmenorrhoea.
Back: lumbago.
Limbs: ! inflammatory rheumatism, joints swollen, painful, metastasis; muscular pains; legs sore; unable to control muscular action, walked like a drunken man.