Jan Scholten


Here is a combination of series. This brings the theme of being part of a family in a village. As member of a family one is also part of the village. The family has to keep its place and respect in the village and the members have to work for that. At the same time the members have to find a place in the family, have to give and receive their love and respect. It is a complicated whole where work and family come together and then one has to find one’s own happiness too. It can be difficult to find a good balance between giving and taking in all the relationships. It is easy to get bound and limited too much or to do that to others. It often happens that people get rejected and pushed out of the system.

Work, money, business
They have a strong drive to make money, to have a good business that earns a lot. They have a big fear of poverty. This gets exaggerated once they have lost money, their business has gone bankrupt. It can happen when they have been cheated in business and money is stolen from them. They always have a fear they will not have enough, that it is not enough for the future, for their pension.
They can work very hard to get things done, to make their business flourish. They feel that one has to attend the business continuously in order to get it to flourish. They can also let others work hard for them, making money by having employees work for them. They can make big investments to making more money. They can speculate on the stock market for bigger profits. Sometimes this can lead to a kind of gambling and they can lose a lot of money.
They try to insure their possessions in all possible ways.

Family, home.
They work hard for their family, making enough money to taking care of their children and family. Often they have a kind of family business, where many members of the family work together for the family income and wealth. The father, the leader of the group or family, can be quite domineering, expecting everyone to participate in the family business. They prefer to stay home, their safe haven. They only travel for business. Their home is their castle, their safe investment for the future and for the family.

Feeling of shame and guilt for what they have done wrong or have not done.
Anger, rage, fury, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, degraded.
Sadness, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be reached.
They do not know if the community will be working well.
They do not understand what makes a community working.