Jan Scholten

Botany: 2 cotyls; tricolpate pollen, pollen with 3 sulci; 5 merous flowers, sometimes 4 merous.

Fabidae is a clade in the Apg3 classification, the first in the Eudicotyledons at a level above Order. The Eudicotyledons, also called Eudicots, is the main clade in the Angiospermae consisting of all the Angiospermae except the Amborellanae, Magnolianae and Lilianae. The first clades in the Eudicotyledons are the Orders Ranunculales and Proteales, followed by small Orders like Sabiales, Trochodendrales, Buxales, Gunnerales, Dilleniales, Saxifragales and Vitales. Then follow the big clades Fabidae, Malvidae and Asteridae.
In the Plant theory this is treated differently. Fabidae is a Subclass included in the Class Fabanae. Fabanae is consisting of the Ceratophyllidae, Ranunculidae, Protidae and Fabidae, plants at the beginning of the Eudicots.

1. Hydrogen series: Ceratophyllidae: retiring in a kind of autistic state to avoid the demands of the community and family.
2. Carbon series: Ranunculidae: conflict between the playful child and responsible adult.
3. Silicon series: Proteidae: conflict between friendship and lovers and the community.
4. Iron series: Fabidae: full village life.

There is an integration of all the first 4 series, with the emphasis on the Iron series. This is normal life. It is the life of having a family, children and a job, of doing one’s work and making an income to be able to care of one’s family and have a good time, to be part of community and getting one’s place and respect. It is the life in a village. It can be called bourgeois.
The themes of Hydrogen, Carbon, Silicon and Iron series are combined. Problems are a combination of individual, family and community problems. Marriage problems are combined with how to survive in society, how to make enough money to buy food and clothes and give the children a good education. It is combined with how to find a place in the village and work together with the neighbours and people in school and at work. The marriage has not only a love theme but also a theme of working together as mates and keeping self-confidence and respect.

Work, money, business
Work is very important. It brings income to support one’s family. Work gives respect when done well, it gives recognition in the community. The work usually feels routine. They are very practical, technical, analytical routinists. It can look boring as it is not oriented towards beauty, wonder and something special; everything is normal and should be normal. It is best not to deviate too much from the norms and rules in order not to become an outcast, to get rejected by the community.
Stresses can arise from a conflict between a personal life and the rules of the community. The village can have such strict rules that life becomes limited and suffocative. It can demand such submissiveness from its members that irritation, resistance and aberrant behaviour arise.

Family, home
The family is very important. It is the family as the cornerstone of society.

Desire to be normal
Feeling of shame and guilt for what they have done wrong or not have done.
Anger, rage, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, degraded.
Sad, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be reached.