Jan Scholten

Botany: Asteranae; understory plants; herbs, shrubs; stamens twice the petals; petals fused or free; ovary superior.

In the Cronquist system Ericales was a small Order, which in the plant theory is quite similar. In the Apg classifications Ericales was extended, including the formerly separate Orders Polemoniales, Ebenales, Primulales, Theales, Ericales and Sarraceniales.
In the Plant theory the Ericales are raised to the level of Subclass, called Ericidae. Most of the Orders in older systems are Orders in the Subclass of the Ericidae and placed in the Phases.
Ericidae is the Iron series level of the Class of Asteranae.

1. Balsaminales: Balsaminaceae, Marcgraviaceae, Tetrameristaceae.
2. Polemoniales: Polemoniaceae, Fouquieriaceae.
3. Primulales: Primulaceae, Myrsinaceae, Theophrastaceae, Maesaceae.
4. Sapotales: Sapotaceae, Ebenaceae, Sladeniaceae, Theaceae, Pentaphylacaceae.
5. Styracales: Styracaceae, Symplocaceae, Diapensiaceae.
6. Ericales: Ericaceae, Clethraceae, Cyrillaceae.
7. Sarraceniales: Sarraceniaceae, Actidiniaceae, Roridulaceae.