Martin Jakob

Woman, 37, Crohn.
Diarrhea, abdominal pain. She has low eight from the diarrhea, 5 times a day. Weakness. Her mother did not believe her complaints.
It started at 11 after a man behaved exhibitionistic, and worse was that her mother did not believe her. She developed vertigo and later Crohn.
Mother always believed and heard others more than her and her siblings.
She never defended herself.

Phase 3: not heard; vertigo.
Phase 6: Crohn, diarrhea.

Follow up
Reaction: vertigo, strong and panic like in the past.
After that she ameliorated, is doing much better. She has more energy, gains weight, can defend herself. The Crohn is gone, has stool once a day. She says what she thinks, and does what she wants. She is centered.