Jan Scholten

Dream proving

In the course of the last decades many dream provings have been done and there is considerable experience with dream provings. They give a result in a relative short time like half a day or an day. The picture has reliable aspects.

A dream proving is done by taking a remedy or having it in one’s vicinity like under the pillow during the night. The focus of the proving is often on the dreams of the provers but all impressions, as in any proving, are noted. Coincidences and synchronicities are frequently seen. This kind of proving is easily applied in work groups or sometimes seminars. Especially attention is focused on the dreams the provers experience during the night after taking the remedy and before the meeting. There is also a focus on coincidences, events that happen by accident.

1. Relatively little investment is needed. The group of provers is focused on the remedy during a full night and day.
2. The amount of provers can filter out personal aspects.

1. The result contains noise.
2. Personal aspects can get aggravated by mutual reinforcement.