Jan Scholten

Woman, 50, headache.
She is angry at her husband. She feels he neglects his health. Sh feels neglected and not seen or heard. He is pushing her when something has not been done in the household. Things became worse when he had to take care a lot for his ill mother. Added to that he risked to lose his job. So she felt pressed to work more, over her limits. She forced him to start relation therapy. But she feels he is not really into it, boycotts the therapy and tries to avoid and postpone it as much as possible. She has the feeling they are almost at the end of their relationship as she does not see a way out of their problems anymore. She thinks about a divorce but fears she will not manage alone with her children, she does not trust herself enough. She feels like on an island in her marriage, locked in. She still feels her love for him, but lack the courage to show it out of fear of getting hurt.

The whole remembers her of her youth wafer her sister died. Her mother developed a chronic rheumatic disease. Her father gradually developed paranoia and had to be hospitalised. She and her mother had to run the family business. But her mother was very claiming to her, did not have compassion. Her mother has a tendency to criticise everyone, it is never good enough. She feel it as a hopeless race to satisfy her mother. Her mother never apologises.

She feels frustrated when things fail, when she feel she lets colleagues and pupils down.

She also has neck pain.
Headache, pressing, fears an apoplexy; with nausea, < work, stress, < computer work.
In puberty she had anorexia.
Dreams: teeth falling out.